Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have not done to much this month and have only gained a total of 8,439k.. I played some Good games and some really Shitty games!!

I finished the Single player of FEAR2 and i loved that game. I have a few more MP achievements to do and will get that done very soon!

Then i played some Beowulf OMG that game is complete trash. And i don't think i will be play it for the second play through!

Played Bullet Witch, which i really didn't mind!

Finished Turning points Single player I will probably be doing the MP stuff here very soon!

However I finally Finished Shaun White snowboarding..=) I'm happy to have this game completed! The game takes awhile to complete, and it isn't that easy at all!! There is allot of stuff you have to do in this game! And not only that but it takes a long time to get use to and be good at!! There are quiet a few achievements that take well over 5hrs to get each.. Like earning all the respect in each zone. The Medals weren't that hard to collect but some were a pain in the ass! When i started this game i hated it and was wondering why the hell i would even put this in my system, but after i finally got the hang of the game i started to enjoy it! The game was kinda glitchy where you would fall through the map allot but some times it worked to your advantage.. Over all the game wasn't bad just took awhile!

I'm not sure what I'm gonna work on next Gamefly shipped me Halo Wars so I'll be starting that as soon as i get that in! I'm kinda burnt out on achievements and wonder why i continue with them, but really its like a Very addicting drug . Almost too addicting! I own so many games but yet i was looking at my games yesterday and was like man i have nothing to play. I dunno I'm sure I'll find something to play soon! I was thinking about starting Medal of Honor Airborne..
As much as i don't want to start a new game, cause i have so many to finish still.. And I want to finish up Scene It BOS.

So much to do, and no motivation Hell i might just say Fuck it and play Fallout 3 finally!! Meh that is all i have for now

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  1. If you decide to do the MOH:Airborne let me know. I still need to boost the MP stuff.