Sunday, September 6, 2009

Well I hit 150k today :) which is pretty good news, that only means i need 50k more for 200k! I'm starting to slow down a lot, I really need to pick up my pace. But on a good note I beat Krazie x360a to 150k! Won our race! and now its time to pwn his ass to 200k lol!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well Its' been a couple weeks since my last blog So i figured i would fill you all in on what i have been playing! Which lately isn't to much.. I recently 1k'ed Summer Athletics- Only one way to put this game..Stay away from it! It will make your arms fall off, or you will get blisters on your fingures! I also played Ninety-Nine Nights and i didn't care to much for the game! Stuck at 500points in it! gonna try to get 100more points in it, and send it back to GameFly. I also just started Damnation with Jackanape, and we only completed the first 2 levels and this game sucks! Its like a gears of war knock off with some prince of persia in there! but 1,000 times worse! Well that is pretty much all i have been playing! I'm currently at 143,278. so close to 150k! I'm just kinda tired of play xbox atm.

On a second note My friends (machiNe's) Stallion83, Smrnov, Tjayars, and A Completionist. Are all in Console Hero's GSL.. They have made it to the Finals. Who they will be playing agaist the "You Got A Bad Draw" Which is another strong team! At least They haven't canceled the GSL again at the last min! If you followed their GSL last year, Drama went down as always and some douche bag canceled the GSL While teams where in the finals. All that hard work weeks of whoring only to cancel it and nobody could win! This year there is drama again about people using account recovery and playing on someone else account! Blah blah blah always something in a GSL no matter where you go! So I was reading the GSL thread over at their website.. And people keep bring up the subject and the only admin/mod over there that seem like an adult and perfessional about the situation would be X3nomorph.. (who looks like she is doing a great job running it) Other asshole and douche bag Mods make comments like this
Someone shoot me cause I think I'm going to go ballistic in a second with my me it works, ask Khaos........(edited name)your team cheated...whether it was in your knowledge base or not, it happened. End of story. The next person to bring this shit up is done...I don't care who it is...and yes I can ban an Admin...all I gotta do is hit the button. ) Seriously...why is it every year this shit happens. You fucking people piss me off. Yeah, you people, you immature pissants who have no respect for anyone. Who think that because you're on the internet that your balls have dropped to the floor and everyone should bow down. GTFO is all I have to say to that bullshit. Now, off to take some pain fucking shoulder hurts."

Are you serious, The content in the white Says it all "You immature pissants who have no respect for anybody" Look who is talking you fucking douche bag. You go in there thinking your Balls have dropped to the floor and everybody should bow down to you, cause you have the Ban hammer. Your the one that has no respect for anybody clearly going in there as a MOD telling everybody to SHUT YOUR FUCKING PIE HOLES.. Real professional of you as a mod. Wonder Why Console Heros has such low numbers. Their Staff is a joke!

I'm not in the GSL I'm just following from the side lines, and rooting for the machiNes.. but i guess that includes my rant. Even though I'm not in GSL i think X3nomorph is doing very well, at least she acts like a professional!

Go machiNes

Friday, July 17, 2009

Well okay It's been awhile since i have updated okay to long, and i have got a couple messages Via Twitter and xbox telling me i need to blog again! damn i didn't think i was so interesting lol!!

Well what have I been up to, I'm almost at 140k Gamerscore which is pretty darn exciting for me! that means only 10k more and I will be at the half way mark to 200k! I slowed down on GS for a little bit but I'm ready to start whoring again. I have got just about 10k this month which is pretty decent!

If anybody remembers not sure if i wrote this or not earlier but I'm in a Gamerscore Race to 150k With Krazie x360a (sorry no link cause he has no blog). as of right now he at 135,080 And I'm at 139,583. That means for those that dont' want to do the math I currently have a lead of 4,503k over him! Come on Krazie I thought we were racing ;)

I have gone through alot of easy games this month and I'm not sure what else I'm gonna play! You ask what have I played right. Well you asked so here goes. I did no list all of them would have taken me way to long since the last time i Blogged lol!

TIME LEAP- This game is the Avatar of Japanese games! It takes roughly 4-5hours to get the full 1k. That is if you have a turbo controller cause all you have to do is Hold down the A button! This game is a Japanese dating game you play the role of a male trying to get different girls! That is all i got out of the game considering i could not understand one word of it cause it was all Japanese! This game is not Region free so you need a Japanese xbox :)

The Spiderwick Chronicles- This game wasn't to bad considering I HATE collectibles and 50% of the achievements where collectibles. However most came along while playing the game! I would assume this game is just like the movie but i can't say for sure cause i have not seen the movie! But i do have it coming from Netflix. Overall this game was pretty damn easy i would day 7-8hours! And sadly i kinda liked it! And another plus note is that this achievement Only took me 30mins to get where it took MajinFro 3hours ;)

ISL Champion 100
Score 100 points in a "Sprites and Goblins" ISL Arena match without taking damage.

Transformers revenge of the fallen- I'm currently playing this game And i fucking Hate it! It sucks so bad! Don't get me wrong Transformers is one of my Favourite movies and i love it! but This game is just shit! It has some easy achievements in it but some are very time consuming and just a straight pain in the ass! You have to play through the auto-bot campaign and then the decepticons campaign. Which isn't to bad but some of the achievements like get to the top 1k of the learder boards are hard now cause i didn't get the game as soon as it came out! I wont' 1k this game cause i hate it so much lol

Ice Age- This game was super easy for the campaign part! it took roughly 4-5hours to get 700 points in it! but those challenges are hard as hell considering this is a little kids game! I wont' be getting the full 1k in this game either cause i lost my patience when doing those challenges! And i just game it back to gamestop :)

Turning Point {DE/FR} This game is the same as the American Turning point, but this one is in French or was it German i dont' remember now cause i don't know either one of the languages lol! But this game is very simple about 7hr campaign game not including the Multi player achievements! However you are required for a couple play through cause the level difficulty does not stack! but there is a trick to this all you have to do is change the difficulty setting then play the last level for the achievements! There are no collectibles in this game which makes it that much better. currently I'm sitting at 910g in this game and that is because i have not done the 2500 ranked match kills. Which i plan on doing very soon! This game is region Free so you can play it on your NTSC (American xbox). So both Turning points have achievements!

Sonic ultimate Game collection-
This game is alright I'm currently sitting at 360g in this game! but I hate arcade games so this is probably why! I plan on going back and getting most of most of them but only time will tell on this! This game is all Arcade-ish games! So if you like arcade games you will love this!

Brothers In arms (JP)- This is another game that has double achievements So you can play the NTSC one and the NTSC-J and get 2k. However there are 50g you can not get yet cause you have to play on September 14 i believe! This game is another 7hr game there are collectibles but they aren't bad if you follow a guide. This is a region locked game so you need a Japanese xbox!

WWE Legends of Wrestlemania- Okay I suck at Wrestling games but this game was overall easy! there were some achievements that i just couldn't be arsed to do. (thank God I'm not a completionist).. Pretty easy 600g if you ask me! The game was shitty but easy!

Fight Night Round 4- I really liked this game! And a Very easy 850g. This game is roughly 6hours if i remember correctly! You can change the sliders so it makes it easier for you to beat! The Down side to this game is that you have to win the belts online, and the guys have currently have the belts aren't playing fair and are not giving them up! and only wresting their friends to keep the belt! However i would say to play this game i found it quiet fun =) Special Thanks to EA Sk88z on twitter for my Free copy =)

Alrighty I'll end this post with an awesome song, And a game i just played :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wow i haven't updated this thing for ages, mainly cause I didn't have a computer for so long! But I'm back however i dont' have photoshop ATM and im gonna have to get another copy of that.. Nothing really has been new beside playing some games i havn't really whored anything latly still! However i just made it to 120k omg im soo slow:(

However I will be getting my Jap xbox today which im super excited cause its only taken a month to shipp and be in stock, hopfully I will get my games in the mail today too!! and maybe get to 125k at some point really soon! i have some super easy games coming! I also found a copy of the Korean Bioshock so I'll be playing Bioshock 2 more times! but i don't mind its a really good game! but im sure after the second play through ill be screaming lol

Well looks like i need to update this thing more cause i have been slacking big time!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Okay so im very excited I finally bought my second xbox. Its a japan xbox which is good so i can play double point games:D I spent way more then i wanted! i could have bought 2 american arcade xbox for the price lmao!! its okay though!! Ive been dieing to get one!! I picked up bioshock, Army of two, and Brother in Arms all Jap games!! Im so excited to play bioshock again! My buddy Stoph is gonna lend me a couple Jap games as well, and i will lend him the ones i have!! O.o way to excited!

It doesn't ship out until April 09.. Its a pre its not instock cause its new.. so i have to wait for a month.. I don't know if that means the first of the april or the end.. i dunno!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wow i don't even know where to begin. I have been mostly computerless so i couldn't go on x360a and use guides for games! Friday i should get my bonus and get my computer fix and hopefully order my other xbox *crosses fingers* as long as that bonus is in:D

again i have not done shit for my gamer score, just been really enjoying some games:)

However Krazie x360a told me the other day hes gonna challenge my ass to 150k.. at first i was like fuck no.. but then i thought about it and i was like why the hell not. Time to get pwned Krazie:p <3 He has soo many games he hasn't played cause hes gone MIA for like months! so i might be at a disadvantage, but ill give it a shot!

On another note Me and Jackanape are racing to 200k. but he is surly going to win hes like 30k ahead of me.. but maybe Webby will make him do tons of reviews and he won't have much time to play lol!!

Okay well back to work:(

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm taking a break for the moment due to some stuff.. don't expect any huge point gain from me... I Think its time for me to slow down and have fun and enjoy some games!!
Everybody have fun gaming! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have not done to much this month and have only gained a total of 8,439k.. I played some Good games and some really Shitty games!!

I finished the Single player of FEAR2 and i loved that game. I have a few more MP achievements to do and will get that done very soon!

Then i played some Beowulf OMG that game is complete trash. And i don't think i will be play it for the second play through!

Played Bullet Witch, which i really didn't mind!

Finished Turning points Single player I will probably be doing the MP stuff here very soon!

However I finally Finished Shaun White snowboarding..=) I'm happy to have this game completed! The game takes awhile to complete, and it isn't that easy at all!! There is allot of stuff you have to do in this game! And not only that but it takes a long time to get use to and be good at!! There are quiet a few achievements that take well over 5hrs to get each.. Like earning all the respect in each zone. The Medals weren't that hard to collect but some were a pain in the ass! When i started this game i hated it and was wondering why the hell i would even put this in my system, but after i finally got the hang of the game i started to enjoy it! The game was kinda glitchy where you would fall through the map allot but some times it worked to your advantage.. Over all the game wasn't bad just took awhile!

I'm not sure what I'm gonna work on next Gamefly shipped me Halo Wars so I'll be starting that as soon as i get that in! I'm kinda burnt out on achievements and wonder why i continue with them, but really its like a Very addicting drug . Almost too addicting! I own so many games but yet i was looking at my games yesterday and was like man i have nothing to play. I dunno I'm sure I'll find something to play soon! I was thinking about starting Medal of Honor Airborne..
As much as i don't want to start a new game, cause i have so many to finish still.. And I want to finish up Scene It BOS.

So much to do, and no motivation Hell i might just say Fuck it and play Fallout 3 finally!! Meh that is all i have for now

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gaming World Records!

Okay so i got interested in looking up World records for gaming and i found these and i thought they were quiet interesting! :) Thought i would share with you guys!!

And five of the best from the Guinness World Records 2008 Gamer's Edition

First console in a nuclear weapons conspiracy
In December 2000, it was reported that the FBI and US Customs were investiga
ting the shipment of up to 4,000 PlayStation 2 console to Iraq. As they were designated videogame systems, rather than hardware, it was rumored that this allowed Saddam Hussein to avoid UN sanctions prohibiting the sale of computer hardware to Iraq. It was speculated that the consoles could be adapted for use as guidance systems for long-range missiles.

Longest prison sentence for playing a videogame
In September 2002, the UK's Faiz Chopdat was jailed for four months for playing Tetris on his mobile phone while on a flight home, "endangering the safety of an aircraft". Cabin staff warned Chopdat twice to turn off the game and he was arrested on touching down in Manchester, UK.

Most broken bones by a sim game
Three players broke their arms on the arcade s
imulator Arm Sprint while testing their strength against the game's mechanised arm. The game's distributor, Atlus, recalled all 150 units for inspection in August 2007 as a precautionary measure. They stated: "We think that sometimes players get overexcited and twist their arms in an unnatural way."

First Second Life millionaire
Anshe Chung (real name Ailin Graef), is an entrepreneur within Second Life. Her character was "born" on 26 March 2004 and is best known for being a virtual real estate broker. In November 2006 it was announced that she
was the first person to achieve a net worth exceeding $1 million, a fact celebrated on the May 2006 cover of BusinessWeek magazine. It also earned her the moniker the Rockefeller of Second Life.

Longest game title
The longest game title was for a Japanese-only P
S2 game released in 2005. It's called White Princess the Second - Yappari Itto ni Ittemo Soujyanakutemo Ok-na Gotsugou Shugi Gakuen Renai Adventure, or in English, White Princess the Second - Love Adventure in the School That Follows the Principle of Convenience, Where It's Okay to Stray From the Path or Stay on the Path.

Fastest Portal completion time
The fastest completion of the PC version of Portal is an impressive 14m 27s by Michael "DemonStrate" Yanni on 26 February 2008. This includes a five second penalty because the demo recording cuts out at the start of each level and the time was officially verified by
(now that is fucking fast)

First country to ban all videogames
On 30 July 2002, the Greek government hastily attempted to curtail illegal gambling by introducing law "3037" banning all electronic games. This, very briefly, led to Greece becoming the first country to ban all videogames, including the innocuous My Little Pony: Best Friends Ball. On 25 September 2002, the law was amended t
o allow the playing of all electronic and computer games providing there was "no financial gain for the player or any third party".

Largest collection of playable videogame systems
In the last decade, 33-year-old Richard Lecce (USA) has amassed the largest collection of playable videogame systems. The 483 pieces include 73 Game and Watches, 260 cartridge or C
D-based systems and another 126 miscellaneous handheld games. He also owns 39 Game Boys and full sets of every game ever released for 12 systems, including the NES, Sega Master System and Atari 5200.

Most technically advanced gaming set-up
Jeremy R. Kipnis (USA) owns the largest, loudest and most expensive gaming set-up. It has taken 38 years of professional experience as an audio-visual engineer to collect the equipment and create an acoustically and optically ideal gaming room. At its loudest, the audio levels reach 132 decibels at one metre from each of the 8.8 surround sound channel arrays; the current screen is a 5.4m x 3m Stewart Snowmatte Unity Gain Laboratory Grade Motion Picture Screen.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Re cap

Well nothing exciting has been going on this week really, i have not finished a game for awhile now! Kinda sucks but I'm use to it..I was pretty suck for about 2days so i didn't get shit done! But this is what i have been doing! Again nothing exciting!

But the only game i have really worked on is bullet witch. I got warned that this game sucks soo much and i should start Fallout 3 before i play this game! However, i didn't think this game was that bad! Don't get me wrong you have to play through it 5 times cause the difficulties don't stack (I hate when developers do this). I think the First play through was the worst cause you got soo lost running around and didn't know where to go or what to do. But after the First play through the game is a breeze, cause you can pretty much run through the game and not fight to much!! However, I fought on all the difficulties up to Chaos mood, cause i wanted to points so i could get my upgrades faster! Currently i have 999 points in this game lmao yea i know im missing 1 point and that is for beating it on HELL mood. EASY was the easiest but after that NORMAL and HARD, and CHAOS all seem to be about the same for the difficulties couldn't really tell the difference. But when i started my First level on HELL there is a huge difference and you die super quickly.. Not sure if I'm going to be doing the rest of the 5 levels on HELL yet.. I should cause i want that 1 point and to 1k the game! but not sure if i can bring myself to spend 5+ hours to get 1point lol!! I might try it again and see how the second level goes but most likely not!!

One other game i started is Civilization revolution, the game was fun at first, but then after i completed the first play through i realized i had no idea what the hell is going on or what i was doing! It seems that it should be a computer game not an Xbox game! I think once maybe you get the hang of it, it wouldn't be to bad, but truly i have no idea what is going on in that game! The first play through was soo easy for me! I had tons of money and was making Money like mad had a huge kingdom and lots of armies! Now i can't even made $2,000 in another play through and not have it take like 40 turns to create an army! I dunno I'll probably give this another shot, but i guess i should maybe read the guide or the booklet lmao!!

In other news GSL is getting crazy all the threads are locked and our team Strategy thread was deleted! The Forums are the best part of GSL and Minty is really taking the fun out of it! Our team is different cause we aren't trying nor are we uploading Dash of Destruction. However, i admit that i loaded it up at the start of the week cause i felt bad joining a gsl and not going by the rules! However through the weeks i decided that minty is just being a bitch, Closing down threads for GIF and other stupid reasons! That i didn't load DoD up at the end of the week, and that would put my score back at 0 for the week! Our team is gonna have 0 points through out the whole GSL cause we won't load up DoD!

The scoring System is awesome and its the best that i have seen! And that is about all that is good in GSL. Really the forums is what sets the GSL, without them its boring. And cause the people that are running the GSL are on some kinda power trip i think they are taking the fun outta it for alot of people! Oh well thank god we aren't in it to play for real that is all i have to say!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Okay so I'm really bad at completing games, and moving onto another one as most of you know. :( hell i have over 100k and I'm only at 60% completion:( I would like to get that up to 70% or even 75%.. However i don't think that will happen anytime soon:(

Anyways these are the games i have been working on..

I started Shaun White. And i was Warned before i borrowed it that it was a tough game. and i didn't take his advice and i decided to play it really how hard can a snowboarding game be.. Well i was wrong it is actually hard, Im use to 1080 snowboarding game for the N64 lmao, i havn't played a snowboarding game since then. And you press the buttons to do tricks and what not.. but this game all you use is the analog sticks, in different directions.. It takes allot of time to get use to this game, but i guess once you get the hang of it, its not too bad.. However there some in game glitches you can use to get all the money you need to buy all the board in game, Which REALLY helps, i couldn't imagine doing this game with the starting board they give you. I'm gonna go back and try to clean up this game a bit more shortly.

I started Turok, and this game Truly sucks.. Its hard on Easy, and there is no way I'm even gonna attempt this on Insane.. The game play is terrible, you move sooo slow and there isn't even a run button. The dinosaurs are soo annoying they just pop outta no where. I'm not quiet sure if I'm gonna finish the story mood it sucks that bad.. I will finish the MP in this game hopefully shortly.. Maybe I'll do it tonight, but hell i have had this game for over a month and i need to get it back:(

Okay FEAR2 I actually really really like this game! I think they did a wonderful job on the story. It's very different and the Ghost and the bad guys are orginal. I have not played any other the other FEARS even though i have FEAR1 sitting here for over 6months! But once I'm done with FEAR2 i will be starting FEAR1..
FEAR2 Is really easy on Hard, but however i noticed that half way though my game that the difficulty has changed on me to easy, so now i have to go back through 4 or 5 mission and do them on hard! Thank got i realized this before i finish the game and started to yell at it, for glitching on me.. haha I would recommenced this game to be a must play! But on a side note there are 2 or 3 achievements that will take quiet a while to get online, its looking like probably over 30 hours I'm not quiet sure though. I have seen this guy on my FL playing Ranked matchs all the time, and i think he has put in over 30hours! i have not decided if I'm gonna do the Ranks, cause this is a gamefly game and i would like to get another game. but we shall see!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Arggg.. I'm sick and tired of this shit!! I am gonna buy me a nother xbox or two with in the next month to a month in half!! Mark my words!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I just finished CARS today, it wasn't that bad of a game really. Don't get me wrong the game was boring and sucked, but i have played worse kids games and its an easy 1k. The post cards took a bit of time, but were easier then CARS National Meters.. so i can deal with getting 20 postcards.. A couple of them where tricky.. Over all the game i think took me 7hrs but i didn't over a couple days. cause i can't stand playing Kids games staright lol..

I started on NFS Undercover, the game seems pretty easy, and i think the only thing that is gonna take awhile is the MP. not looking forward to that.. I have 380 points in the game and im hoping to get the Single player done today and start on the MP tonight. So i can move on to bigger and better things lol.. I have Fallout 3 just sitting here, and i want to play it, but i just don't want to put 50hrs into it right now, so im gonna be holding off on that game for a bit.

I just bought a tons of new games.. ekk and i won't even tell you what they are cause they are just horrible games to buy.. lol some easy some might takes awhile.. but all in all my game collection is starting to return with the count now at 130 once i get the games in that i ordered. I started to sell the games I've 1k, no point in having them anymore i have to make room on my self for more games! right now i have only 42 RETAIL games complete.. LOL i know sad right, but its okay im not a completionist like some. Well enough talk now, back to gaming :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

I want to apologize, for not updating this very often.. but the Truth is i haven't really done much of anything, I feel like I'm burnt out a little bit after getting my 100k. And i know that has to stop, i need keep pushing forward and try to get to 110k then so on..

I finished up Jericho today. The sad part that the game is soo easy maybe 8hr max and it took me 2 days cause im kinda slow right now.. The game has some easy Cheat codes you can put in, which makes it soo much faster!! the game would actully be kinda hard with out them.. Over all i actully like the game, I thought it had some ideas in it. And the game play wasn't to bad.. Some parts got kinda annoying when you had to keep switching between different characters.. There wasn't a hard part in the game, i think it was the cheat codes, but i don't think i would have enjoyed it with out them haha!!

On another note, Man i don't even know where to begin about this GSL. Can we say Power Trip and Drama.. First of all there was a huge debate about people have second accounts and people that were banned starting up another account blah blah blah.. We the GSL staff could not find any proof, so they say, but i have a feeling they didn't look very hard. Cause i found some proof out on an account in little of 2mins with Google. So i posted it and i get yelled at for posting it publicly.. Never once got a thank you or anything for it. well shit i take that Back Roxy did tell me Thank you after the fact of me bitching about it in a group.. then Minty writes this

Cru, stop talking shit. I said thanks to you on MSN yesterday. I said thanks, but next time send it in private. If you want to deny it then fine, but we both know it happened. Now grow up, stop moaning, or stay away from GSL like you were going to originally.

and this comes from the same person that says public outings are bad.

Minty writes
Doing it in public like that is just creating more and more arguements...
And cru, that was different. If you suspect people of cheating, let the staff deal with it. Backseat modding isnt good for anyone.

This makes me soo mad cause Minty is the biggest hypocritic i have ever met. He publicly outs some on x360a but tells me and someone else to post it and do the dirty work cause he can't do it cause hes an admin.. I'll have to say i didn't feel bad about outing this girl cause she completely lied! But For Minty to say public outings are bad is just hypocritcal.

That is to make long story short. but if you want to read more about this you can read it here

I personally don't know what his problem is but he has something or what should i say someone so far up his ass that he can't think straight and as gone on a huge power trip. Sending infractions cause they post a picture of his cat, i mean really.. i dont' even know what else to say about this.

Sadly im gonna say that this GSL is gonna fail HUGE and its all gonna be because of Him..I can't wait to see the up comming weeks of GSL it will be a good

Monday, February 2, 2009

14,662 month score increase :)

Okay time for my monthly update.. Shit i can't remember what i all did this month beside play the shit outta games and get my 100k so im gonna post my weekly recaps from 360voice. From January 1st to February 1st.. Woat i did at least 2k a week.. Now if only i can keep that up:/

Weekly Recap - Jan 5 2009

An increase of 2225 points makes for a nice bounty. Those 75 achievements were worth it I guess! In the 'new game' category, I only have one to talk about... Quantum of Solace.

Weekly Recap - Jan 12 2009

our score bounced 2015 freakin' points! Can you believe it? In one week? YES! Getting 85 achievements has that effect. Out of all the possible new games we could have tried this last week, CRU x360a and I only tried one of them: Hardwood Hearts.

Weekly Recap - Jan 19 2009

Too bad gamerscore isn't money because with an increase of 3947 points we could make some bank. Yay for 169 achievements! w00t! I was lucky enough to sample 2 new tasty treats during the week! Game names are Secret Service, and You're in the Movies.

CRU x360a's Weekly Recap - Jan 26 2009

The gamerscore increase was just insane. I didn't think it would be possible to get 3700 points in such a short span of time but we did. Who knew 102 achievements could be worth that much? I convinced CRU x360a to try 3 games last week: Interpol, NCAA® March Madness®08, and The Maw.

Weekly Recap - Feb 2 2009

An increase of 3475 points makes for a nice bounty. Those 148 achievements were worth it I guess! I was lucky enough to sample 3 new tasty treats during the week! Game names are Disney Bolt, Fallout 3, and LOTR: Conquest.


What is LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO you might ask well its our awesome GSL "gamer score league" team
I swore i would never do another GSL ever again cause of the x360a last one.. The one had me soooo heated everything went so wrong with it!! then after seeing X3h GSL i was like my god Nobody can run a GSL.. Personally i don't think this GSL is gonna be any different. I give it about 3weeks (and yes that is generous) until the Forums are shut down. Teams start falling apart, but Our team is gonna be LOLing it up!! adding comments here and there trying to possibly lighten the mood up. and if the Forum are closed, I think someone can start a GSL social group hahahah that would be awesome..

Anyways it wasn't my idea to join this GSL i literally got Dragged into to..

MajinFro grabbed and dragged me by my hair and said listen up Bitch, your gonna join our GSL weather you like it or not. Yes he laid the smack downPhotobucket

Then Rand al simply says your gonna join our gsl team or your off the Friends listPhotobucket I know i was shocked in horror too. I love my Rand alPhotobucket

Blind says if you don't join our gsl team this is what im gonna do to myselfPhotobucket

Omega Deez is my stalker and hes the one that came into my house and signed my name upPhotobucket

While all this is going on you can hear Apple LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOing it up..Photobucket

Even Though Stallion isn't on our GSL team, He's the one that is gonna sit back and make Music videos lmao.Photobucket

So there you have it, i was forced into this. See how much i am loved:) But there is one thing that i can assure you is that we are gonna set a couple GSL records :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I finally did it..

Took me a little over a year, but i got my 100k on the dot!! Now its time to retire and go to my PS3.LOL okay maybe not.. I want to thank all the people that has pushed me to my goal and did some awesome boosting parties with I don't know what id do with out these guys!! Thank you:)

Here is the link to my thread if anybody feels like posting lol
Click here

Majin Fro
Omega Deez
Rand al

Saturday, January 24, 2009

So me and Fro, stallion, and omega were boosting paintball last night. And Omega said the funniest thing, and i just had to blog the quote

"Are paintball made from penis"


Friday, January 23, 2009

Alrighty its been a busy couple days! First i went out to see my bloody Valentine 3D on my birthday and omg i don't even know where to start.. It was the Stupidest movie ever, but yet it was the very funny movie! It was like watching a B rated porno. It was so stupid it was funny!! You pretty much knew what was coming next, the actors were terrible, but i guess that is what made the movie good. lol After the movie was over We went out to the bar. I was doing just fine, until my best friend showed up and layed down 5shots right in front of me. Took one right after the other! after that i don't really remember anything! I didn't puke or get sick, but my friends said as they were walking me to my door i got lost in a sence.. They said the door was straight ahead and and I said i don't know what button that is. They we very confused and didn't get it! So they continued to walk me and i was yelling Is it the X button or the Y button to move. (clearly i have played to many Video games).. haha yes i was trying to hit buttons in the air to get my legs move haha!! Then i went inside and went to bed.. Woke up with a my FIRST hangover and it sucked balls.. Overall my birthday was great!!

Okay onto the important stuff like gaming :)
Looks like i hit my other goal of a gain of 10k in gamerscore this month. and i still have another week left. I hope to get my 100k this month lets see.. all i need to do is to make it to 99k then i can pop in Fallout for PC. Im getting very excited. LOL I im so far behind my friends in GS:( Oh well i know they still love me :p

It looks like we are gonna start boosting the MP on Paintball tonight, and I for one are not looking forward to it what so ever.. I have a feel its gonna be like Boosting for General on COD3 again:( Well not to many people are playing it now so it shouldn't be a problem finding each other. I hope.. And the bad thing about this game is that you actully have to do something all the time. So there won't be watching movies while the "host" controls the game for an hour.. I can't wait to get this game done, I have had this game out from Gamefly for like 2months lol!!
So Omega, Stallion, Fro i shall see you Frackers tonight (haha and yes i called you guys Frackers if you know what that means) (I know you do Fro ;)

Well I finished Interpool, its a pretty 200 points with the help of some "schmucks".. lol.. It didn't take to long just around 2hours.. If you decide to play this game make sure you have 3 others to play with cause this game will give you the biggest headach. You have to find hidden stuff, it doesn't sound to bad does it eh.. well Heed my advice and play it with some friends not alone if you want the achievement

I was looking through my games played and realized i never finished NBA 2k6 lmao so i also finish that game yesterday.. It's so easy how did i not finish it way back when lol

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wow, I can officially say that You're in the Movies Sucks big hairy balls.. This game is soo glitchy.. For starters you have to play all 30 games with 4 people, but once your done the achievement does not unlocked. What you have to do is turn off your xbox, then turn it back on, play the last movie you did again with 4 players (20mins of waisted time) then save the movie to your harddrive. Bam 2 achievements for 170points.. Seriously how fucked up is that! Now i have some mini games to get perfects on. And there are a couple that are kinda hard, 2 of these gave glitched on me and i can't obtain them at all! i have tired everything!! So i think im done with this game now. I'm gonna be mailing it out to the next person on the list..

I started Rapale fishing Frenzy. After months of finally getting it back;) lol j/k anyways the game seems to be okay kinda boring but nothing glitchy yet. I hope that doesn't change cause i have really bad luck with games, i think they hate me some times.. At this point i have only fished at a couple places and it seems that im catching everything but what i need to:/ Don't get me wrong i love fishing in real life its quiet relaxing, but in Real life im happy with whatever i catch. Where in this game i have to try to catch 20 pounds of spotted bass.. and i am catching Large mouth bass and walleye ect.. oh well I'm sure everything will pan out out!

Last week i gained a profiet of 3,947 points! which im very happy with. It seems that im keeping on track here. If i keep this up i should hit my 100k around the 1st of Febuary..:)

On another note that doesn't have to deal with gaming, My birthday is tomorrow kinda excited about that no big plans yet still. I'll be gaming all day then go out at night, then come home and
game with my awesome friends:) (that is if i haven't passed out lmao)..

Battle start Galactica came back this month, which im very excited about!! Found out who the (5th cylon is) or well kinda.. there are soo many loose ends in this show. Some other people were talking about how the writers are making it up as they go, and it sure does seem like it!! They better get their act together fast!

Lost starts again tomorrow and that is very exciting cause i remember about 6months ago i watch all the season in like 5 days.. i couldn't put it down!! i hope that the producers know what they are doing in that show! casue the way the last season ended it seemed a little confusing!! So I'll be watching that before i go out for sure!! Wenesday is an awesome night for TV :P lol yes i might be a nerd for watching these but im not the average girl!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Alrighty this is my very First blog. I hope I will be able to keep up on it!

This month has been very eventful.. I reached my goal of 90k, that means im that much closer to 100k.. I've done really good with points 8,187 points so far just this month, and there is still another week left. let see if i can get to 10k!! My Birthday is the 21st so i was hoping to hit 100k on that day, but i does not look like im going to be hitting it then:(

Right now im playing your in the movies, which is very long and boring.. It's about a 30hr game.. I'm almost done with all 30 games, then i shall move on to cleaning up the mini games.. After that I think im gonna start Disney bolt or Turok:/ not sure with one yet!! I should start Turok cause i have borrowed it from a friend. I just dont' feel like playing it lmao

On a good note i bought my first Turbo controller im quiet excited about this, cause that means i can start playing the DDR games for the 360 and that is another 3k easy..

Well on Wednesday I will be turning 24 :/ ekkk i know scary right!! Not sure what I'll be doing.. I might go out and watch QoS, then go out drinking for awhile.. However when i get home i plan on playing some Halo with some of my good buddies on xbox.. Hopefully Rand al, Apple, MajinFro, Stallion, Omega, Blind. And anybody else that wants to play a good game of MP for an hour or something! its been awhile since we have all played anything together for the hell of it!! lol..