Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Okay so I'm really bad at completing games, and moving onto another one as most of you know. :( hell i have over 100k and I'm only at 60% completion:( I would like to get that up to 70% or even 75%.. However i don't think that will happen anytime soon:(

Anyways these are the games i have been working on..

I started Shaun White. And i was Warned before i borrowed it that it was a tough game. and i didn't take his advice and i decided to play it really how hard can a snowboarding game be.. Well i was wrong it is actually hard, Im use to 1080 snowboarding game for the N64 lmao, i havn't played a snowboarding game since then. And you press the buttons to do tricks and what not.. but this game all you use is the analog sticks, in different directions.. It takes allot of time to get use to this game, but i guess once you get the hang of it, its not too bad.. However there some in game glitches you can use to get all the money you need to buy all the board in game, Which REALLY helps, i couldn't imagine doing this game with the starting board they give you. I'm gonna go back and try to clean up this game a bit more shortly.

I started Turok, and this game Truly sucks.. Its hard on Easy, and there is no way I'm even gonna attempt this on Insane.. The game play is terrible, you move sooo slow and there isn't even a run button. The dinosaurs are soo annoying they just pop outta no where. I'm not quiet sure if I'm gonna finish the story mood it sucks that bad.. I will finish the MP in this game hopefully shortly.. Maybe I'll do it tonight, but hell i have had this game for over a month and i need to get it back:(

Okay FEAR2 I actually really really like this game! I think they did a wonderful job on the story. It's very different and the Ghost and the bad guys are orginal. I have not played any other the other FEARS even though i have FEAR1 sitting here for over 6months! But once I'm done with FEAR2 i will be starting FEAR1..
FEAR2 Is really easy on Hard, but however i noticed that half way though my game that the difficulty has changed on me to easy, so now i have to go back through 4 or 5 mission and do them on hard! Thank got i realized this before i finish the game and started to yell at it, for glitching on me.. haha I would recommenced this game to be a must play! But on a side note there are 2 or 3 achievements that will take quiet a while to get online, its looking like probably over 30 hours I'm not quiet sure though. I have seen this guy on my FL playing Ranked matchs all the time, and i think he has put in over 30hours! i have not decided if I'm gonna do the Ranks, cause this is a gamefly game and i would like to get another game. but we shall see!


  1. All the fears are pretty good, but the other ones are much harder.

    I think all the online stuff is going to take 100's of hours....

    Your completion could be lower than you want because you loan so many games out. :)

  2. 100's of hours good god :/ That is worse then COD3

    Well i have many other games on my shelf, so loaning a couple out, its not like out anything. hell i have over 10 games sitting here that i haven't even played it lmao!

    But on that note Stallion, remind me not to loan you anymore ;)