Friday, February 6, 2009

I want to apologize, for not updating this very often.. but the Truth is i haven't really done much of anything, I feel like I'm burnt out a little bit after getting my 100k. And i know that has to stop, i need keep pushing forward and try to get to 110k then so on..

I finished up Jericho today. The sad part that the game is soo easy maybe 8hr max and it took me 2 days cause im kinda slow right now.. The game has some easy Cheat codes you can put in, which makes it soo much faster!! the game would actully be kinda hard with out them.. Over all i actully like the game, I thought it had some ideas in it. And the game play wasn't to bad.. Some parts got kinda annoying when you had to keep switching between different characters.. There wasn't a hard part in the game, i think it was the cheat codes, but i don't think i would have enjoyed it with out them haha!!

On another note, Man i don't even know where to begin about this GSL. Can we say Power Trip and Drama.. First of all there was a huge debate about people have second accounts and people that were banned starting up another account blah blah blah.. We the GSL staff could not find any proof, so they say, but i have a feeling they didn't look very hard. Cause i found some proof out on an account in little of 2mins with Google. So i posted it and i get yelled at for posting it publicly.. Never once got a thank you or anything for it. well shit i take that Back Roxy did tell me Thank you after the fact of me bitching about it in a group.. then Minty writes this

Cru, stop talking shit. I said thanks to you on MSN yesterday. I said thanks, but next time send it in private. If you want to deny it then fine, but we both know it happened. Now grow up, stop moaning, or stay away from GSL like you were going to originally.

and this comes from the same person that says public outings are bad.

Minty writes
Doing it in public like that is just creating more and more arguements...
And cru, that was different. If you suspect people of cheating, let the staff deal with it. Backseat modding isnt good for anyone.

This makes me soo mad cause Minty is the biggest hypocritic i have ever met. He publicly outs some on x360a but tells me and someone else to post it and do the dirty work cause he can't do it cause hes an admin.. I'll have to say i didn't feel bad about outing this girl cause she completely lied! But For Minty to say public outings are bad is just hypocritcal.

That is to make long story short. but if you want to read more about this you can read it here

I personally don't know what his problem is but he has something or what should i say someone so far up his ass that he can't think straight and as gone on a huge power trip. Sending infractions cause they post a picture of his cat, i mean really.. i dont' even know what else to say about this.

Sadly im gonna say that this GSL is gonna fail HUGE and its all gonna be because of Him..I can't wait to see the up comming weeks of GSL it will be a good


  1. Sadly there are always people like that just smile sweetly and next time you play Nazi Zombies think of the zombies as everyone who has hacked you off during the week!