Monday, February 2, 2009


What is LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO you might ask well its our awesome GSL "gamer score league" team
I swore i would never do another GSL ever again cause of the x360a last one.. The one had me soooo heated everything went so wrong with it!! then after seeing X3h GSL i was like my god Nobody can run a GSL.. Personally i don't think this GSL is gonna be any different. I give it about 3weeks (and yes that is generous) until the Forums are shut down. Teams start falling apart, but Our team is gonna be LOLing it up!! adding comments here and there trying to possibly lighten the mood up. and if the Forum are closed, I think someone can start a GSL social group hahahah that would be awesome..

Anyways it wasn't my idea to join this GSL i literally got Dragged into to..

MajinFro grabbed and dragged me by my hair and said listen up Bitch, your gonna join our GSL weather you like it or not. Yes he laid the smack downPhotobucket

Then Rand al simply says your gonna join our gsl team or your off the Friends listPhotobucket I know i was shocked in horror too. I love my Rand alPhotobucket

Blind says if you don't join our gsl team this is what im gonna do to myselfPhotobucket

Omega Deez is my stalker and hes the one that came into my house and signed my name upPhotobucket

While all this is going on you can hear Apple LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOing it up..Photobucket

Even Though Stallion isn't on our GSL team, He's the one that is gonna sit back and make Music videos lmao.Photobucket

So there you have it, i was forced into this. See how much i am loved:) But there is one thing that i can assure you is that we are gonna set a couple GSL records :)


  1. I seriously couldn't stop laughing after I read this "...MajinFro grabbed and dragged me by my hair and said listen up Bitch, your gonna join our GSL weather you like it or not..."

    Haha, good post. :)

  2. because that is how I roll. Can you dig it?

  3. well a little bit of tugging on the hair is good, i dunno about being dragged lol

  4. Don't blame me woman! I found out 2 days after the team was submitted that I'm on it. I'm came into your house to sniff some of your dirty pa.....uh.....parsley because I heard it clears up stuffy noses. Yeah, that's why I came in. Had to poop 2 and it was cold outside.

  5. Omega you always make my day!!

    Parsleys haha, aren't you smooth lol.. i still love you haha