Monday, February 9, 2009


I just finished CARS today, it wasn't that bad of a game really. Don't get me wrong the game was boring and sucked, but i have played worse kids games and its an easy 1k. The post cards took a bit of time, but were easier then CARS National Meters.. so i can deal with getting 20 postcards.. A couple of them where tricky.. Over all the game i think took me 7hrs but i didn't over a couple days. cause i can't stand playing Kids games staright lol..

I started on NFS Undercover, the game seems pretty easy, and i think the only thing that is gonna take awhile is the MP. not looking forward to that.. I have 380 points in the game and im hoping to get the Single player done today and start on the MP tonight. So i can move on to bigger and better things lol.. I have Fallout 3 just sitting here, and i want to play it, but i just don't want to put 50hrs into it right now, so im gonna be holding off on that game for a bit.

I just bought a tons of new games.. ekk and i won't even tell you what they are cause they are just horrible games to buy.. lol some easy some might takes awhile.. but all in all my game collection is starting to return with the count now at 130 once i get the games in that i ordered. I started to sell the games I've 1k, no point in having them anymore i have to make room on my self for more games! right now i have only 42 RETAIL games complete.. LOL i know sad right, but its okay im not a completionist like some. Well enough talk now, back to gaming :)

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