Monday, February 23, 2009

Re cap

Well nothing exciting has been going on this week really, i have not finished a game for awhile now! Kinda sucks but I'm use to it..I was pretty suck for about 2days so i didn't get shit done! But this is what i have been doing! Again nothing exciting!

But the only game i have really worked on is bullet witch. I got warned that this game sucks soo much and i should start Fallout 3 before i play this game! However, i didn't think this game was that bad! Don't get me wrong you have to play through it 5 times cause the difficulties don't stack (I hate when developers do this). I think the First play through was the worst cause you got soo lost running around and didn't know where to go or what to do. But after the First play through the game is a breeze, cause you can pretty much run through the game and not fight to much!! However, I fought on all the difficulties up to Chaos mood, cause i wanted to points so i could get my upgrades faster! Currently i have 999 points in this game lmao yea i know im missing 1 point and that is for beating it on HELL mood. EASY was the easiest but after that NORMAL and HARD, and CHAOS all seem to be about the same for the difficulties couldn't really tell the difference. But when i started my First level on HELL there is a huge difference and you die super quickly.. Not sure if I'm going to be doing the rest of the 5 levels on HELL yet.. I should cause i want that 1 point and to 1k the game! but not sure if i can bring myself to spend 5+ hours to get 1point lol!! I might try it again and see how the second level goes but most likely not!!

One other game i started is Civilization revolution, the game was fun at first, but then after i completed the first play through i realized i had no idea what the hell is going on or what i was doing! It seems that it should be a computer game not an Xbox game! I think once maybe you get the hang of it, it wouldn't be to bad, but truly i have no idea what is going on in that game! The first play through was soo easy for me! I had tons of money and was making Money like mad had a huge kingdom and lots of armies! Now i can't even made $2,000 in another play through and not have it take like 40 turns to create an army! I dunno I'll probably give this another shot, but i guess i should maybe read the guide or the booklet lmao!!

In other news GSL is getting crazy all the threads are locked and our team Strategy thread was deleted! The Forums are the best part of GSL and Minty is really taking the fun out of it! Our team is different cause we aren't trying nor are we uploading Dash of Destruction. However, i admit that i loaded it up at the start of the week cause i felt bad joining a gsl and not going by the rules! However through the weeks i decided that minty is just being a bitch, Closing down threads for GIF and other stupid reasons! That i didn't load DoD up at the end of the week, and that would put my score back at 0 for the week! Our team is gonna have 0 points through out the whole GSL cause we won't load up DoD!

The scoring System is awesome and its the best that i have seen! And that is about all that is good in GSL. Really the forums is what sets the GSL, without them its boring. And cause the people that are running the GSL are on some kinda power trip i think they are taking the fun outta it for alot of people! Oh well thank god we aren't in it to play for real that is all i have to say!


  1. I wish they would relax a bit on the GSL forum. Reading the trash talk helps my day go bye faster.

  2. haha yea i agree.. Minty is just on a power trip.. and what i think is funny is that he said they would have the scores up by monday, and that has not happened yet!! truly this GSL is already going down hill!!

    wow i re read what i wrote here about GSL and i sound drunk haha!!