Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I finally did it..

Took me a little over a year, but i got my 100k on the dot!! Now its time to retire and go to my PS3.LOL okay maybe not.. I want to thank all the people that has pushed me to my goal and did some awesome boosting parties with I don't know what id do with out these guys!! Thank you:)

Here is the link to my thread if anybody feels like posting lol
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Majin Fro
Omega Deez
Rand al

Saturday, January 24, 2009

So me and Fro, stallion, and omega were boosting paintball last night. And Omega said the funniest thing, and i just had to blog the quote

"Are paintball made from penis"


Friday, January 23, 2009

Alrighty its been a busy couple days! First i went out to see my bloody Valentine 3D on my birthday and omg i don't even know where to start.. It was the Stupidest movie ever, but yet it was the very funny movie! It was like watching a B rated porno. It was so stupid it was funny!! You pretty much knew what was coming next, the actors were terrible, but i guess that is what made the movie good. lol After the movie was over We went out to the bar. I was doing just fine, until my best friend showed up and layed down 5shots right in front of me. Took one right after the other! after that i don't really remember anything! I didn't puke or get sick, but my friends said as they were walking me to my door i got lost in a sence.. They said the door was straight ahead and and I said i don't know what button that is. They we very confused and didn't get it! So they continued to walk me and i was yelling Is it the X button or the Y button to move. (clearly i have played to many Video games).. haha yes i was trying to hit buttons in the air to get my legs move haha!! Then i went inside and went to bed.. Woke up with a my FIRST hangover and it sucked balls.. Overall my birthday was great!!

Okay onto the important stuff like gaming :)
Looks like i hit my other goal of a gain of 10k in gamerscore this month. and i still have another week left. I hope to get my 100k this month lets see.. all i need to do is to make it to 99k then i can pop in Fallout for PC. Im getting very excited. LOL I im so far behind my friends in GS:( Oh well i know they still love me :p

It looks like we are gonna start boosting the MP on Paintball tonight, and I for one are not looking forward to it what so ever.. I have a feel its gonna be like Boosting for General on COD3 again:( Well not to many people are playing it now so it shouldn't be a problem finding each other. I hope.. And the bad thing about this game is that you actully have to do something all the time. So there won't be watching movies while the "host" controls the game for an hour.. I can't wait to get this game done, I have had this game out from Gamefly for like 2months lol!!
So Omega, Stallion, Fro i shall see you Frackers tonight (haha and yes i called you guys Frackers if you know what that means) (I know you do Fro ;)

Well I finished Interpool, its a pretty 200 points with the help of some "schmucks".. lol.. It didn't take to long just around 2hours.. If you decide to play this game make sure you have 3 others to play with cause this game will give you the biggest headach. You have to find hidden stuff, it doesn't sound to bad does it eh.. well Heed my advice and play it with some friends not alone if you want the achievement

I was looking through my games played and realized i never finished NBA 2k6 lmao so i also finish that game yesterday.. It's so easy how did i not finish it way back when lol

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wow, I can officially say that You're in the Movies Sucks big hairy balls.. This game is soo glitchy.. For starters you have to play all 30 games with 4 people, but once your done the achievement does not unlocked. What you have to do is turn off your xbox, then turn it back on, play the last movie you did again with 4 players (20mins of waisted time) then save the movie to your harddrive. Bam 2 achievements for 170points.. Seriously how fucked up is that! Now i have some mini games to get perfects on. And there are a couple that are kinda hard, 2 of these gave glitched on me and i can't obtain them at all! i have tired everything!! So i think im done with this game now. I'm gonna be mailing it out to the next person on the list..

I started Rapale fishing Frenzy. After months of finally getting it back;) lol j/k anyways the game seems to be okay kinda boring but nothing glitchy yet. I hope that doesn't change cause i have really bad luck with games, i think they hate me some times.. At this point i have only fished at a couple places and it seems that im catching everything but what i need to:/ Don't get me wrong i love fishing in real life its quiet relaxing, but in Real life im happy with whatever i catch. Where in this game i have to try to catch 20 pounds of spotted bass.. and i am catching Large mouth bass and walleye ect.. oh well I'm sure everything will pan out out!

Last week i gained a profiet of 3,947 points! which im very happy with. It seems that im keeping on track here. If i keep this up i should hit my 100k around the 1st of Febuary..:)

On another note that doesn't have to deal with gaming, My birthday is tomorrow kinda excited about that no big plans yet still. I'll be gaming all day then go out at night, then come home and
game with my awesome friends:) (that is if i haven't passed out lmao)..

Battle start Galactica came back this month, which im very excited about!! Found out who the (5th cylon is) or well kinda.. there are soo many loose ends in this show. Some other people were talking about how the writers are making it up as they go, and it sure does seem like it!! They better get their act together fast!

Lost starts again tomorrow and that is very exciting cause i remember about 6months ago i watch all the season in like 5 days.. i couldn't put it down!! i hope that the producers know what they are doing in that show! casue the way the last season ended it seemed a little confusing!! So I'll be watching that before i go out for sure!! Wenesday is an awesome night for TV :P lol yes i might be a nerd for watching these but im not the average girl!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Alrighty this is my very First blog. I hope I will be able to keep up on it!

This month has been very eventful.. I reached my goal of 90k, that means im that much closer to 100k.. I've done really good with points 8,187 points so far just this month, and there is still another week left. let see if i can get to 10k!! My Birthday is the 21st so i was hoping to hit 100k on that day, but i does not look like im going to be hitting it then:(

Right now im playing your in the movies, which is very long and boring.. It's about a 30hr game.. I'm almost done with all 30 games, then i shall move on to cleaning up the mini games.. After that I think im gonna start Disney bolt or Turok:/ not sure with one yet!! I should start Turok cause i have borrowed it from a friend. I just dont' feel like playing it lmao

On a good note i bought my first Turbo controller im quiet excited about this, cause that means i can start playing the DDR games for the 360 and that is another 3k easy..

Well on Wednesday I will be turning 24 :/ ekkk i know scary right!! Not sure what I'll be doing.. I might go out and watch QoS, then go out drinking for awhile.. However when i get home i plan on playing some Halo with some of my good buddies on xbox.. Hopefully Rand al, Apple, MajinFro, Stallion, Omega, Blind. And anybody else that wants to play a good game of MP for an hour or something! its been awhile since we have all played anything together for the hell of it!! lol..