Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wow, I can officially say that You're in the Movies Sucks big hairy balls.. This game is soo glitchy.. For starters you have to play all 30 games with 4 people, but once your done the achievement does not unlocked. What you have to do is turn off your xbox, then turn it back on, play the last movie you did again with 4 players (20mins of waisted time) then save the movie to your harddrive. Bam 2 achievements for 170points.. Seriously how fucked up is that! Now i have some mini games to get perfects on. And there are a couple that are kinda hard, 2 of these gave glitched on me and i can't obtain them at all! i have tired everything!! So i think im done with this game now. I'm gonna be mailing it out to the next person on the list..

I started Rapale fishing Frenzy. After months of finally getting it back;) lol j/k anyways the game seems to be okay kinda boring but nothing glitchy yet. I hope that doesn't change cause i have really bad luck with games, i think they hate me some times.. At this point i have only fished at a couple places and it seems that im catching everything but what i need to:/ Don't get me wrong i love fishing in real life its quiet relaxing, but in Real life im happy with whatever i catch. Where in this game i have to try to catch 20 pounds of spotted bass.. and i am catching Large mouth bass and walleye ect.. oh well I'm sure everything will pan out out!

Last week i gained a profiet of 3,947 points! which im very happy with. It seems that im keeping on track here. If i keep this up i should hit my 100k around the 1st of Febuary..:)

On another note that doesn't have to deal with gaming, My birthday is tomorrow kinda excited about that no big plans yet still. I'll be gaming all day then go out at night, then come home and
game with my awesome friends:) (that is if i haven't passed out lmao)..

Battle start Galactica came back this month, which im very excited about!! Found out who the (5th cylon is) or well kinda.. there are soo many loose ends in this show. Some other people were talking about how the writers are making it up as they go, and it sure does seem like it!! They better get their act together fast!

Lost starts again tomorrow and that is very exciting cause i remember about 6months ago i watch all the season in like 5 days.. i couldn't put it down!! i hope that the producers know what they are doing in that show! casue the way the last season ended it seemed a little confusing!! So I'll be watching that before i go out for sure!! Wenesday is an awesome night for TV :P lol yes i might be a nerd for watching these but im not the average girl!

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