Monday, January 19, 2009

Alrighty this is my very First blog. I hope I will be able to keep up on it!

This month has been very eventful.. I reached my goal of 90k, that means im that much closer to 100k.. I've done really good with points 8,187 points so far just this month, and there is still another week left. let see if i can get to 10k!! My Birthday is the 21st so i was hoping to hit 100k on that day, but i does not look like im going to be hitting it then:(

Right now im playing your in the movies, which is very long and boring.. It's about a 30hr game.. I'm almost done with all 30 games, then i shall move on to cleaning up the mini games.. After that I think im gonna start Disney bolt or Turok:/ not sure with one yet!! I should start Turok cause i have borrowed it from a friend. I just dont' feel like playing it lmao

On a good note i bought my first Turbo controller im quiet excited about this, cause that means i can start playing the DDR games for the 360 and that is another 3k easy..

Well on Wednesday I will be turning 24 :/ ekkk i know scary right!! Not sure what I'll be doing.. I might go out and watch QoS, then go out drinking for awhile.. However when i get home i plan on playing some Halo with some of my good buddies on xbox.. Hopefully Rand al, Apple, MajinFro, Stallion, Omega, Blind. And anybody else that wants to play a good game of MP for an hour or something! its been awhile since we have all played anything together for the hell of it!! lol..

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  1. I vote for BF:BC as the MP game. It's my birthday coming up soon also, I'm just not saying when.:P