Friday, January 23, 2009

Alrighty its been a busy couple days! First i went out to see my bloody Valentine 3D on my birthday and omg i don't even know where to start.. It was the Stupidest movie ever, but yet it was the very funny movie! It was like watching a B rated porno. It was so stupid it was funny!! You pretty much knew what was coming next, the actors were terrible, but i guess that is what made the movie good. lol After the movie was over We went out to the bar. I was doing just fine, until my best friend showed up and layed down 5shots right in front of me. Took one right after the other! after that i don't really remember anything! I didn't puke or get sick, but my friends said as they were walking me to my door i got lost in a sence.. They said the door was straight ahead and and I said i don't know what button that is. They we very confused and didn't get it! So they continued to walk me and i was yelling Is it the X button or the Y button to move. (clearly i have played to many Video games).. haha yes i was trying to hit buttons in the air to get my legs move haha!! Then i went inside and went to bed.. Woke up with a my FIRST hangover and it sucked balls.. Overall my birthday was great!!

Okay onto the important stuff like gaming :)
Looks like i hit my other goal of a gain of 10k in gamerscore this month. and i still have another week left. I hope to get my 100k this month lets see.. all i need to do is to make it to 99k then i can pop in Fallout for PC. Im getting very excited. LOL I im so far behind my friends in GS:( Oh well i know they still love me :p

It looks like we are gonna start boosting the MP on Paintball tonight, and I for one are not looking forward to it what so ever.. I have a feel its gonna be like Boosting for General on COD3 again:( Well not to many people are playing it now so it shouldn't be a problem finding each other. I hope.. And the bad thing about this game is that you actully have to do something all the time. So there won't be watching movies while the "host" controls the game for an hour.. I can't wait to get this game done, I have had this game out from Gamefly for like 2months lol!!
So Omega, Stallion, Fro i shall see you Frackers tonight (haha and yes i called you guys Frackers if you know what that means) (I know you do Fro ;)

Well I finished Interpool, its a pretty 200 points with the help of some "schmucks".. lol.. It didn't take to long just around 2hours.. If you decide to play this game make sure you have 3 others to play with cause this game will give you the biggest headach. You have to find hidden stuff, it doesn't sound to bad does it eh.. well Heed my advice and play it with some friends not alone if you want the achievement

I was looking through my games played and realized i never finished NBA 2k6 lmao so i also finish that game yesterday.. It's so easy how did i not finish it way back when lol


  1. Your B-Day story is too funny lol. You can hit 100k this month.

  2. thank you very much!! and i did get it:)