Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wow i don't even know where to begin. I have been mostly computerless so i couldn't go on x360a and use guides for games! Friday i should get my bonus and get my computer fix and hopefully order my other xbox *crosses fingers* as long as that bonus is in:D

again i have not done shit for my gamer score, just been really enjoying some games:)

However Krazie x360a told me the other day hes gonna challenge my ass to 150k.. at first i was like fuck no.. but then i thought about it and i was like why the hell not. Time to get pwned Krazie:p <3 He has soo many games he hasn't played cause hes gone MIA for like months! so i might be at a disadvantage, but ill give it a shot!

On another note Me and Jackanape are racing to 200k. but he is surly going to win hes like 30k ahead of me.. but maybe Webby will make him do tons of reviews and he won't have much time to play lol!!

Okay well back to work:(

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