Friday, July 17, 2009

Well okay It's been awhile since i have updated okay to long, and i have got a couple messages Via Twitter and xbox telling me i need to blog again! damn i didn't think i was so interesting lol!!

Well what have I been up to, I'm almost at 140k Gamerscore which is pretty darn exciting for me! that means only 10k more and I will be at the half way mark to 200k! I slowed down on GS for a little bit but I'm ready to start whoring again. I have got just about 10k this month which is pretty decent!

If anybody remembers not sure if i wrote this or not earlier but I'm in a Gamerscore Race to 150k With Krazie x360a (sorry no link cause he has no blog). as of right now he at 135,080 And I'm at 139,583. That means for those that dont' want to do the math I currently have a lead of 4,503k over him! Come on Krazie I thought we were racing ;)

I have gone through alot of easy games this month and I'm not sure what else I'm gonna play! You ask what have I played right. Well you asked so here goes. I did no list all of them would have taken me way to long since the last time i Blogged lol!

TIME LEAP- This game is the Avatar of Japanese games! It takes roughly 4-5hours to get the full 1k. That is if you have a turbo controller cause all you have to do is Hold down the A button! This game is a Japanese dating game you play the role of a male trying to get different girls! That is all i got out of the game considering i could not understand one word of it cause it was all Japanese! This game is not Region free so you need a Japanese xbox :)

The Spiderwick Chronicles- This game wasn't to bad considering I HATE collectibles and 50% of the achievements where collectibles. However most came along while playing the game! I would assume this game is just like the movie but i can't say for sure cause i have not seen the movie! But i do have it coming from Netflix. Overall this game was pretty damn easy i would day 7-8hours! And sadly i kinda liked it! And another plus note is that this achievement Only took me 30mins to get where it took MajinFro 3hours ;)

ISL Champion 100
Score 100 points in a "Sprites and Goblins" ISL Arena match without taking damage.

Transformers revenge of the fallen- I'm currently playing this game And i fucking Hate it! It sucks so bad! Don't get me wrong Transformers is one of my Favourite movies and i love it! but This game is just shit! It has some easy achievements in it but some are very time consuming and just a straight pain in the ass! You have to play through the auto-bot campaign and then the decepticons campaign. Which isn't to bad but some of the achievements like get to the top 1k of the learder boards are hard now cause i didn't get the game as soon as it came out! I wont' 1k this game cause i hate it so much lol

Ice Age- This game was super easy for the campaign part! it took roughly 4-5hours to get 700 points in it! but those challenges are hard as hell considering this is a little kids game! I wont' be getting the full 1k in this game either cause i lost my patience when doing those challenges! And i just game it back to gamestop :)

Turning Point {DE/FR} This game is the same as the American Turning point, but this one is in French or was it German i dont' remember now cause i don't know either one of the languages lol! But this game is very simple about 7hr campaign game not including the Multi player achievements! However you are required for a couple play through cause the level difficulty does not stack! but there is a trick to this all you have to do is change the difficulty setting then play the last level for the achievements! There are no collectibles in this game which makes it that much better. currently I'm sitting at 910g in this game and that is because i have not done the 2500 ranked match kills. Which i plan on doing very soon! This game is region Free so you can play it on your NTSC (American xbox). So both Turning points have achievements!

Sonic ultimate Game collection-
This game is alright I'm currently sitting at 360g in this game! but I hate arcade games so this is probably why! I plan on going back and getting most of most of them but only time will tell on this! This game is all Arcade-ish games! So if you like arcade games you will love this!

Brothers In arms (JP)- This is another game that has double achievements So you can play the NTSC one and the NTSC-J and get 2k. However there are 50g you can not get yet cause you have to play on September 14 i believe! This game is another 7hr game there are collectibles but they aren't bad if you follow a guide. This is a region locked game so you need a Japanese xbox!

WWE Legends of Wrestlemania- Okay I suck at Wrestling games but this game was overall easy! there were some achievements that i just couldn't be arsed to do. (thank God I'm not a completionist).. Pretty easy 600g if you ask me! The game was shitty but easy!

Fight Night Round 4- I really liked this game! And a Very easy 850g. This game is roughly 6hours if i remember correctly! You can change the sliders so it makes it easier for you to beat! The Down side to this game is that you have to win the belts online, and the guys have currently have the belts aren't playing fair and are not giving them up! and only wresting their friends to keep the belt! However i would say to play this game i found it quiet fun =) Special Thanks to EA Sk88z on twitter for my Free copy =)

Alrighty I'll end this post with an awesome song, And a game i just played :)

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