Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well Its' been a couple weeks since my last blog So i figured i would fill you all in on what i have been playing! Which lately isn't to much.. I recently 1k'ed Summer Athletics- Only one way to put this game..Stay away from it! It will make your arms fall off, or you will get blisters on your fingures! I also played Ninety-Nine Nights and i didn't care to much for the game! Stuck at 500points in it! gonna try to get 100more points in it, and send it back to GameFly. I also just started Damnation with Jackanape, and we only completed the first 2 levels and this game sucks! Its like a gears of war knock off with some prince of persia in there! but 1,000 times worse! Well that is pretty much all i have been playing! I'm currently at 143,278. so close to 150k! I'm just kinda tired of play xbox atm.

On a second note My friends (machiNe's) Stallion83, Smrnov, Tjayars, and A Completionist. Are all in Console Hero's GSL.. They have made it to the Finals. Who they will be playing agaist the "You Got A Bad Draw" Which is another strong team! At least They haven't canceled the GSL again at the last min! If you followed their GSL last year, Drama went down as always and some douche bag canceled the GSL While teams where in the finals. All that hard work weeks of whoring only to cancel it and nobody could win! This year there is drama again about people using account recovery and playing on someone else account! Blah blah blah always something in a GSL no matter where you go! So I was reading the GSL thread over at their website.. And people keep bring up the subject and the only admin/mod over there that seem like an adult and perfessional about the situation would be X3nomorph.. (who looks like she is doing a great job running it) Other asshole and douche bag Mods make comments like this
Someone shoot me cause I think I'm going to go ballistic in a second with my me it works, ask Khaos........(edited name)your team cheated...whether it was in your knowledge base or not, it happened. End of story. The next person to bring this shit up is done...I don't care who it is...and yes I can ban an Admin...all I gotta do is hit the button. ) Seriously...why is it every year this shit happens. You fucking people piss me off. Yeah, you people, you immature pissants who have no respect for anyone. Who think that because you're on the internet that your balls have dropped to the floor and everyone should bow down. GTFO is all I have to say to that bullshit. Now, off to take some pain fucking shoulder hurts."

Are you serious, The content in the white Says it all "You immature pissants who have no respect for anybody" Look who is talking you fucking douche bag. You go in there thinking your Balls have dropped to the floor and everybody should bow down to you, cause you have the Ban hammer. Your the one that has no respect for anybody clearly going in there as a MOD telling everybody to SHUT YOUR FUCKING PIE HOLES.. Real professional of you as a mod. Wonder Why Console Heros has such low numbers. Their Staff is a joke!

I'm not in the GSL I'm just following from the side lines, and rooting for the machiNes.. but i guess that includes my rant. Even though I'm not in GSL i think X3nomorph is doing very well, at least she acts like a professional!

Go machiNes


  1. Wow that is very bad behaviour by a mod, good find there cru.

  2. Don't say Damnation sucks woman! I got it sitting here but it's never in when Stallion tries to rent it. I probably won't wanna do it when he does get it and it's all YOUR FAULT! You owe me another dollar. Dunno why, you just do.